Interested in being involved? Great! We need you. There are so many ways to take action when it comes to this issue, and remember, this list is just a starting point! We look forward to hearing from you about the new and unique ways you are making change and bringing peace!


Attend an Event

One of the best ways to get involved in our movement is to attend one of our dialogue events where we bring together different voices on the issue and engage in productive conversations. These events are youth run, promoted, and moderated. Check out our events calendar for upcoming events in the Portland area.

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Like us on facebook

It may seem silly, but your support on social media goes a great way towards garnering support and attention for our cause. So check out our Facebook page, give it a like, and tell your friends to do the same!

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Submit an Op-ed

Writing is one of the best ways to join the discussion and let your voice be heard. Submit an opinion piece on the topic of police and the community to the form below and it will be published and promote on our sister website WANT News.

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Sign the Petition

It is time for city officials and Portland and beyond to take this issue and begin taking real action to move towards meaningful change. Sign this petition to ask the city of Portland to consider implementing a youth advisory panel to offer insight on police and community relations.

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Have Coffee With a Cop

Yep! You heard us correctly. What better way to understand the perspective and experiences of a police officer, and take the important conversation to a personal level, than over a "good old cup of joe."  Check out the website below for details.

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Do Some Research 

What better way to deal with misinformation and insular thought? Do some research and get informed. Check out our "resources" page for so thought provoking materials and questions to get you started. 

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