Some Further Reading....

Are you ready to fully dive into this issue? Simply looking to be a little bit more informed? We are here to help. We believe in the value of focused and purposeful research to promote mutual understanding and peace. As such, we have provided the below resources and research questions as a starting point for your exploration. Use them to form opinions, understand different point of views, and maybe even launch your own efforts. Questions to consider as you explore include:

What is the role of police in your community?

What can be done to promote accountability for all parties? 

What has led to the dissipation of trust? What efforts can be made to repair that trust?

What role does the media play in this conflict?

What are cities around the country doing well and what needs to be done differently?

Youth Advisory Panel Proposal

Below is the official proposal Police Peace PDX is submitting to the city of Portland regarding the creation of a youth council to advise on community and police relations. The city of Portland already has numerous other advisory councils yet none of them feature the energy, passion, or voice of young people. This needs to change! Read through our proposal to see how the council would work and why it is important! 


Dialogue Event Implementation PLan

Hoping to implement a community dialogue event in your hometown? Looking to find ways to bring police officers and community members closer together? Well you are in luck. Check out the link below to review our community event "toolkit." It is full of tips and tricks for implementing an event in your city and ensuring that it is a success. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 8.15.39 AM.png


In 2011, the Community and Police Relations Committee, released a report offering insight and recommendations concerning police use of force in Portland. The committee was composed of both police officers and community members. While the report offers interesting information, it is worth considering updates and adjustments that should be made given the amount of time elapsed.