The magic of what we do is that we are 100% run, directed, and controlled by youth. Check out our diverse team of young people from across Portland.


Grace Masback (Founder) 

Grace is a passionate, politics loving, 18-year-old who aims to give voice to the voiceless via journalism, community outreach, and advocacy.



Britt Masback

Britt Masback, 16, believes that young people have the responsibility to speak out and take action on the issues that will affect the world today and in the future.



Ibrahim Ibrahim

Ibrahim is a high school student at Oregon Islamic Academy and has been involved in several community projects. He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and speaks Arabic. 

Ihsaan Mohamed

Ever since she was a little girl, Woodrow Wilson High School junior Ihsaan Mohamed has always had her nose stuck in a book. Her love for reading led to one for writing, and they opened the doors to the world for her.


Lauren Woodhouse

Since her birth, Lauren has been fully immersed in politics. From her family debating at parties to discovering her own personal beliefs, she finds elation in standing with her community in order for our voices  to be heard.


Claire Devine

Claire Devine, 17, attends Jesuit High School in Portland. Since she was young, her interests in both justice and writing have pervaded her academic career, eventually leading to her pursuit of unfiltered journalism.